Women@Sanofi is Bridging Gender Gaps By Empowering Women

Gender gaps in society remain a major barrier in the world today impeding social advancement and hampering economic growth. At SANOFI, we are committed to acting in the area where we can have the most impact. This has begun in our own company where we have a strong ambition to achieve equal representation of women and men among our top leaders. Our approach draws on our company’s culture of inclusion and diversity – an environment ensuring equal opportunities for the benefit of all. Women@Sanof

How s Helped Make My Babysitting Easy

I had just recently planned on starting a neighbourhood babysitting business. My husband suggested that we had to redesign the house to create a child-friendly environment, I figured that would be a huge responsibility but it was necessary if I had to fully start up the business. I was pretty excited about the whole idea of redesigning that I spent 12 out of 24 hours every day searching for the best interior designers, the goal was to create a feel of a child-friendly environment, but I also wa

Turning Your Painting Hobby Into A Lucrative Business

Passion is important, and once the element of passion is missing in whatever it is that you do, it won’t be long before the inadequacies in quality and delivery begin to surface. However, in as much as passion is important, learning the business aspect of what you do is of great essence because it’s a good thing if you make money where you make an impact. So it is in the case of painting, as the painting business can be very profitable for you if you take the right steps and make the right deci

Things to Take Note of When Renting a New Apartment

The first time I went apartment hunting was nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time. I had been transferred from Lagos to Abuja from my office, I had only been to Abuja once in my life but I was excited about the move. I was finally going to be able to experience life as an independent spinster. I had been living with a family friend for about 3 months so as to get very familiar with the new environment, before I finally decided that I was ready to rent my own place. I learnt a lot fr